Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to update the feeds on my Drupal-based web site

My web site,, displays blog entries from two blogs right now:
I'm using a Feed Aggregator module in Drupal to tell it to pick up blog entries and display them on the front page of the web site.

But Drupal doesn't automatically pick up new entries; you have to tell Drupal to go out and check for new entries every once in a while. In the Unix world, that kind of periodic activity is usually known as a cron task, something you would tell the "cron" program to run from time to time.

I currently host my Drupal site on; there is a nice, easy way to have GoDaddy run the cron task as often as you'd like, and it'll wake up Drupal and get Drupal to update all the feeds it receives.

For simple instructions on how to configure the GoDaddy cron service, look at this web page. It's simple and complete; it tells it all.

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