Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Request For Snapcasts on G-Snap!

I love the social event-casting service "G-Snap!" (twitter feed here, Facebook page here) It seems like every other week, I get another idea about a kind of event I'd like to follow with their service. Today's bright idea was PGA Tour events like the one this weekend, where it looks like Tiger Woods has a strong chance to win. But I don't really know enough about golf to create my own snapcast, plus I'm going to a wedding today and couldn't snapcast the event myself if I wanted to.

So I'd like to have a way to ask somebody else if they would snapcast this weekend's event. Plus, I think golf is perfectly suited to snapcasting.

I sent a message to the folks at G-Snap! Here's what I wrote, which I am copying here because it applies to the whole community of G-Snap! fans, not just the creators of the service.

Hey whipper-snappers,

I gotta question and am not sure where to direct it. Here's my deal:

I want to follow Tiger Woods at this weekend's PGA Tour event, and the live blog on just isn't gonna cut it:

So I thought "Hey, golf could actually be a great g-snap! goes at a pace that is slow enough that somebody could probably update the game stats fairly easily, more easily than the fast pace of a football game." And I bet there are a ton of business-type people who would follow golf on gsnap.

But here's my problem: I'm not going to snapcast golf, because I don't know much about it and don't feel comfortable. Instead, I'd rather ask if somebody would please snapcast the event.

How do I ask the G-Snap! community if somebody would please snapcast a golf event?

Is there a G-Snap! community site where I could ask something like this? You know, place a request for a snapcast?

Thanks for anything you can say. There's no rush to reply.


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Friday, August 7, 2009

Some drumline audio clips for DCI 2009

Tonight is the semifinals show for the Drum Corps International 2009 World Championships. I love this time of year, the height of summer and the height of musical competition. I can't get enough of the music, especially the drumlines (I marched in the Santa Clara Vanguard in 1985, part of the drumline, so I'm biased).

So for your listening and watching pleasure, here are a few clips of drumline coolness for this year.

By the way, do you have any favorite drum line audio or video clips? If so, comment on this blog post and share the links. I'm always looking for new, cool stuff to listen to.

(Vanguard 2009; the show this year is Appalachian Spring, by Aaron Copland)

(more Vanguard 2009)

(Blue Devils tenor flams; wow, those guys can move around the drums)

(more Blue Devils 2009 drumline)

(Some Cavaliers 2009 drumline stuff)

(More 2009 Cavaliers drumline)

(Some Carolina Crown 2009 snare line)

(Holy Name Cadets 2009 on the move)