Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Request For Snapcasts on G-Snap!

I love the social event-casting service "G-Snap!" (twitter feed here, Facebook page here) It seems like every other week, I get another idea about a kind of event I'd like to follow with their service. Today's bright idea was PGA Tour events like the one this weekend, where it looks like Tiger Woods has a strong chance to win. But I don't really know enough about golf to create my own snapcast, plus I'm going to a wedding today and couldn't snapcast the event myself if I wanted to.

So I'd like to have a way to ask somebody else if they would snapcast this weekend's event. Plus, I think golf is perfectly suited to snapcasting.

I sent a message to the folks at G-Snap! Here's what I wrote, which I am copying here because it applies to the whole community of G-Snap! fans, not just the creators of the service.

Hey whipper-snappers,

I gotta question and am not sure where to direct it. Here's my deal:

I want to follow Tiger Woods at this weekend's PGA Tour event, and the live blog on just isn't gonna cut it:

So I thought "Hey, golf could actually be a great g-snap! goes at a pace that is slow enough that somebody could probably update the game stats fairly easily, more easily than the fast pace of a football game." And I bet there are a ton of business-type people who would follow golf on gsnap.

But here's my problem: I'm not going to snapcast golf, because I don't know much about it and don't feel comfortable. Instead, I'd rather ask if somebody would please snapcast the event.

How do I ask the G-Snap! community if somebody would please snapcast a golf event?

Is there a G-Snap! community site where I could ask something like this? You know, place a request for a snapcast?

Thanks for anything you can say. There's no rush to reply.


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