Saturday, July 25, 2009

G-Snap! gaining in popularity, reach

G-Snap! is a cool, interesting web application that lets you set up flash crowds to follow an event together.  One great example is happening right now: the Drum Corps International Southeast competition in Atlanta, Georgia.  Thousands of fans will be in the stands watching young adults from across the United States compete, but hundreds of thousands of fans won't have the chance to see the event. 

I've been watching G-Snap! for a while now (the company was launched over a year and a half ago) and I notice that it's starting to gain popularity.  I've watched NFL games and college football bowl games, and I hear that NASCAR events are getting a pretty good fan base.

Drum corps is a natural: lots of people want to follow the progress of their favorite corps, and parents want to hear how their kids are doing on the summer-long nationwide tour that their corps is on.  This way, you can join a group of fans just like you, and unlike Twitter, you can easily communicate directly with the others on the snapcast.  Plus, you can see live video and photos of somebody uploads them to the snapcast.

The Blue Devils drum corps is promoting G-Snap! on its front page today; looks like they're interested in using the technology to enhance their fan network's experience following the corps.

It's also designed for mobile devices: if you're out and about but have a web browser on your mobile phone, snapcasts do great.

Click here to join the snapcast live (as of Saturday, July 25, from 4PM ET to 11PM ET).  It's free and you don't need to log in to follow it.

It's hard for me to describe how different the G-Snap! experience is from, say, Twitter.  I use both and like both, but snapcasting is a much richer, more inclusive group experience.  If you want true feedback and interaction, there's no comparison: snapcasting is much better than tweeting.

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