Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Welcome to the Transcode Blog

I was talking to a friend of mine recently about a business I started some years ago, called Transcode. He suggested that it might be a good idea to create a blog about the company and the work I've done over the years with multimedia computing; I thought that was a good idea, so I've created this blog.

My intent is to spend my time here writing about various aspects of multimedia computing and things related to transcoding media. Who knows where it will go, but where I want it to start is as an informal history of transcode.com, the company Transcode.

I'd love to hear from you; comment on the blog if you've got something to say about media, transcoding, anything like that.

Welcome. Let's see where this blog takes us.

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1 comment:

ted said...

Another layer of confusion is how any of the encoded (compressed) protocols are streamed for 'real-time' display capture, and ofcourse, 'transcoding' to another format. MPEG-IV seems like such a mess. Yeah, it's not a compression protocol (just a container) but so many companies state their device pushes 'standard MPEG-IV' over RTP/UDP, etc. Does that mean H.263 or ?? I'd love to see a conglomeration of 'recipes of attack' for dealing with these sort of questions. There is stuff scattered all over the 'net, and various blogs. Some tools 'support streaming' but then don't support TS but only PS, etc. So, can anyone suggest the equivalent of a "Tom's Hardware" one-stop-shop for this? I mean where people are trying all kinds of IP capture devices, cameras, etc.

cheers and thanks for listening!